Tuesday, September 22, 2020

About Us

Nepali Christians Website (http://www.nepalichristians.com/) is a network portal for Nepalese Christians all over the world. It was launched on 2009 but brought into full service on 2010. The website is known to be useful for those who knows the grace of our Lord. The website will also be an important medium for those who doesn’t yet know about our Lord Jesus Christ. According to Bible the true followers of Jesus Christ are those who are not according to Deuteronomy but those who live lives in God’s will. These people who live their lives in God’s will can never stop themselves from sharing the salvation they received.

The main motive of this site is to bring all Nepali Christians into once place in this current competitive media age and strenthen the devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and keep getting involved in his work. We look forward to give good knowledge to those who seek the right education and help them be strong in their spirit. Also to stop new believers from getting into false education and help them gradually move towards perfection. We believe that this website will help a lot in our Lord’s work. Our target is also to gather and unite all Nepali Christians living worldwide and make them feel united as one. There are many believers working and living abroad who are not able to go to the Church and we believe that this website will be of a greater help to them. They will also be able to discusss various Bible study matters and matters which they don’t understand. They can be physically absent but spiritually connected as one and be in service together which is our main motive and goal.

Nepali Christians website is an online web portal network for Nepalese Christians living all around the world.

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